Beauty Fridays: Cheeky Little Haul.

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I have such a bad time saving money. when I had that book ban it was great apart from the fact that instead of buying books, I bought more makeup and clothes.

Makeup & Skincare

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs, & Rose Water.

I adore my other products from Mario Badescu, I honestly feel like I will just have my entire skin routine with just this brand one day. Plus I am dying to try out their moisturisers. This is a really refreshing facial spray, I will use this if I need a tad more hydration in the mornings and also you can set your makeup with this, so if I don’t want to use my Urban Decay setting spray I will spritz my face with this. It is also pretty good for taming fly away hairs.

M.A.C Lipstick in the shade Amorous

I have had this shade before and adored it, also my dog did because he chewed it so badly. So I repurchased it and now I have lost it. I want to cry. I swear I am the worst at losing MAC Lipsticks. This shade is a beautiful plum colour which is so alike many of my other lipsticks. Now I just need to find it!


So this is where most of my money has gone! I like most people love lush so much I trust them with my life, or at least my skin!

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

This is a fairly recent one of theirs and I love it. This will be the 3rd one I have purchased. It turns your bath into a swirling galaxy. I am not 100% sold on the smell but the experience it totally worth it.

Yog Nog Bath Bomb

Christmas in July! Oh how I love Lush at Christmas which makes Christmas in July so wonderful! This scent just brings me back to the time in December when I am trying to take a bath in the middle of summer!

Melting Marshmallow Moment

The smell of this one was following me around all day. If you like Snow Fairy you will love this. It is a bath melt which I have been really into recently, they are so moisturising and creamy. Highly recommend!

You’ve Been Mangoed

The price tag gets me so easy! Less than $5 for something that makes your bath so soft and creamy! They get the fruity smells down perfectly. It smells like you are floating on an island of mangos.

Floating Island Melt

Again another bath melt, this one smells like sandalwood so a little more of a grownup scent! Plus I think it has a stick of vanilla in the middle! Again so moisturising and delicious!

H’sian Wen Hua Hair Treatment

I didn’t realise that I had used this one before when buying this, the smell isn’t my favourite but if I remember correctly it works wonders. Mum and I are sharing this and since we both have shorter hair it shouldn’t run out too quickly!

I am pretty sure I have bought other stuff from lush I just have used them and I cant remember!

Clothing & Misc 

From Target I got this beautiful light wash demin shirt which is the single softest shirt I have ever worn! It is lovely and I think it cost me $29.
Also from target I got the wicked cool Kitty Travel mug. I needed something to take my coffee & tea into work with me and for $4 it was purrfect. See what I did there?

Until next Friday

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Beauty Fridays: Favourite Lipsticks


Ever since I can remember doing my makeup I have always loved the statement lip colour. I can’t do eye makeup to save my life, if you handed me an eyeliner I wouldn’t know where to start!  so a bright lipstick has always been my way of saying “Hey look at my face!” So lets look at some of my favourites!

Rimmel – Lasting Finish in the Shade: 166 Temptation

This was one of my firsts proper red shades and honestly I cant go back! I have recently found this on in my stash of lipsticks and I want to wear it every day! It is very creamy with quite a bit of shimmer and this formula is amazing.

Maybelline – Colour Blur in the Shade: Plum Please 

This lipstick confused me so much when I first started using it. Firstly I don’t understand the blur aspect. That trend isn’t a good look, it looks as if you have smudged your lipstick half way off your face. Secondly its matte, it doesn’t come off when I’m eating, drinking or talking or anything, unless I touch my lips with my hand then it goes everywhere. Even though it is tough to apply, I do love the colour and the texture as long as I don’t touch it.

Revlon –  Colour Burst Matte Balm in the Shades: 225 Sultry & 270 Fiery 

225 has been in my life for almost 2 years now, this is my second tube of the amazing dusty rose lipstick. 270 was a recent purchase and it is more of a plum shade which is no surprise at this point. The formula is perfect, doesn’t dry me out like other mattes and plus they smell like peppermint!


Chi Chi  – Viva La Diva in the Shades: Corporate Femme & Turn Me On

I have had these for a while now and they are stunning. They are long-lasting and ultra matte but they do tend to be more on the drying side so I do make sure to exfoliate my lips before I pop one of these on. The red shade is my favourite and is quite often my go to.

Revlon – Ultra HD Matte in the Shade: Addiction. 

I feel like Revlon’s #1 product is their lip products. I don’t think i have ever put on anything by revlon and gone “nah it feels horrible” they just seem to know what they are doing. This is the creamiest matte I have ever put on. I doesn’t dry me out at all, at the end of the day it looks brand new and it does take all of the makeup remover to come off. I ave no faults with this product.

Lorac  – Alter Ego in the Shade: Dominatrix 

This was 100% a spur of the moment buy for me. I don’t wear this too often but when I do I love it. its super creamy but has a semi matte finish. The colour is stunning, a super deep burgundy which I cant get enough of!

Here are my go to lipsticks. I have found out that I own far too many of the same shades! Joking, I already knew that! I didnt mention any MAC Lipsticks which I do love because I cant find my two faves: Mehr & Amorous!

What are your favourite lipsticks and your go to colour?

Until next Friday,

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Beauty Fridays: Morning Skin Care Regime


Happy Friday!

Lets get started with my:

Morning Skin Care Regime 


Mario Badescu – Enzyme Cleansing Gel

I tend to use this more at night but on mornings that my face is feeling a little worse for wear I will go ahead and cleanse my skin using this one. This is very cheap but effective brand and I really need to delve more into it as it so far hasn’t broken out my skin or irritated it. It is a chemical exfoliant so it removes all my dead skin cells so it doesn’t irritate my skin and also it doesn’t dry me out either.

Garnier – Micellar Cleansing Water

This is a the be all and end all of products. I, along with everyone else adores this product! It feels like I am rinsing my face with water but magic water that removes all the dirt and makeup from my skin! Seriously invest in this!

Josie Maran – Argan oil

If my skin is extremely dry I will pop on a dash of this to help moisturise my dry patches. My only problem is I’m not sure if it irritating my skin or not. I might have to invest in some other type of oil, I’m not sure what as of yet though.

Olay – Moisturising Cream Sensitive Skin

I used to use the Dr. Lewinn’s Ultra R4 cream but unfortunately it has run out and the price tag I cant justify at the moment. I do have this olay one which is slightly heavier and doing a pretty decent job. It isn’t breaking me out and pretty damn moisturising. If this one starts irritating my skin then I will be looking into a Mario Badescu one.

Mario Badescu – Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater

This is yet another Mario Badescu, one day my entire skincare will just be this brand, it’s just so good! I don’t use this every day as I am not the biggest fan of the rosewater scent but when my skin needs a pick me up or is feeling extra dry I will just spray some of this on and I am set!

So thats all I do for my skin. I like to keep it as simple as possible just because of how sensitive my skin is.

Do you have any products to recommend to a dry skinned person? Or are you like me and try to keep it as simple as possible?

See you next Friday!

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Beauty Fridays: Whats On My Wishlist

Three weeks in a row I have been on time and consistent with Beauty Fridays! Pat on the back for me! Plus I have almost 5 more posts that are on my scheduled tab1

I am on of those people who wants to try everything beauty related but some of the price tags attached to those are so disheartening! Plus being in Australia tends to me mean I have access to Mecca and Sephora online and if I want something from America I am to fork out a bunch more money!

So I have created: Whats on my Wishlist! 
(I am sure people have done this before)

This week will be dedicated to Contouring & Highlighting! 

I have a strange relationship with contouring & highlighting, I know that I love it but I really have no clue what I am truely doing.

Hourglass – Ambient Lighting powder in the Shade: Ethereal/Luminous

Becca – Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in the Shade: Champagne Pop

Nars – Laguna Tiare Bronzer set 

Marc Jacobs – O!Mega Bronzer Perfect Tantric

Tarte – Tartesit Contour Palette

Have you tried any of these products? Should I invest my money or save it for something better? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next Friday,

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