Shamefully Kick Starting

Last year was a bust for me. I read a total of 34 books, barely scraping half way through my goal of 65. I don’t know what happened, well I do. I got distracted. I started Univeristy again, I moved house, I worked a solid 38 hours a week pretty much every week, there were family dramas and a holiday that put me into relax mode, I got swept away in it all.

Looking back I failed at everything in this blog, like everything. Every challenge, every readathon, every TBR pile. Nothing was updated cause nothing got finshed.

I am not going to try and convince myself that I am starting fresh and list off the 30 books I will read this year. I obviously don’t work that way and neither will my blog. So for now I will go for the flow. Ive set my book goal as 50 which is reachable and unstressful, and I will write what I want to write. They are rules without being ‘rules’. Hell, I might even throw some books to charity.

Lets see how long I will keep this up.

Chelsie xx


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