Beauty Fridays: Night Time Skin Care Regime


Last week I did my Morning Skin Care Regime, this week its my night time turn.

Mario Badescu – Enzyme Cleansing Gel 

I spoke about this one last week. It is pretty much a chemical exfoliant that can also do an amazing job at removing all your makeup. I am really enjoying this one. My skin has been improving so much and I cant fault it as of yet!

Garnier – Eiceller Cleansing water 

As like the last product I did talk about this one as well last week. I use this just to make sure that all my makeup is gone off my face. It also just helps to sooth and clam my skin.

Dr. Lewinn’s – Skin Renewal Overnight Exfoliator

2-3 times a week I will whip out this bad boy and pop it on top skin. It is another chemical exfoliator and so far I like it, I don’t see any major improvements but it doesn’t break me out and smells nice so I will continue to use it.

Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair Eye 

This is a tiny tub (5ml) of very expensive eye cream. I don’t recall where I got this but it works wonders. My dark circles are fading and less puffy. Plus you only need the smallest amount so it won’t disappear in a flash.

Origins – Drink up intensive Overnight Mask

Can I just say I love the scent of this, I want to wrap myself up in it. Pretty much I lather my face up in this and in the morning my face is silky smooth. I know this is supposed to be a mask but everyone I know who uses it, uses it as a night cream. Its magic.

Mario Badescu – Drying Lotion 

Lastly I will put this magic potion on to any blemishes I have on my face. Then when I wake up in the morning, boom 9 time out of 10 they have shrunk into tiny, manageable spots. I never new how good I could of had it!

That it! I do a little more at night then in the morning. Its just a good time to sort out your face and let it soak up all the moisture.

Do you have any products that you swear by? Or do you love any of the things I mentioned today? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next Friday

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Chelsie xxx


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