June Playlist

Heres something I haven’t done in a little while!

Spotify does this wonderful thing where they create playlists for you based on the music you listen to! Free was one of those songs that was suggested to me on I think the Friday mix. I love the heavy beat and her voice is beautiful.

I haven’t listened to Adele’s entire album as of yet but I am dying to, the singles she has brought out have all been so emotional!

Christina and the Queens is a semi new one for me. I saw her a Tv show singing Tilted and I fell in love. She is a French artist who has created this beautiful pieces of art that just calms me down. Plus sometimes she sings in french!

Cake By The Ocean is my current jam just to dance around and be an idiot!

One Dance & Childs Play are my two favourite songs from Drake’s new album ‘Views’, especially Childs Play it is definitely a mixture of pop and R&B which I can never get enough of.

What have been your favourite songs of June?

Until Next time

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Chelsie xxx


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