Beauty Fridays: Mecca & Target Beauty Haul

A year or so back I was blogging about beauty, how the tables have turned. I enjoyed it but I didn’t see the point when there was so many others doing the same thing. But I kind of miss it and I am still very active with reading blogs and watching youtube.

What I have decided to do is dedicate a day on this blog to write about beauty, make up and skin care. The name is in the works but for now its ‘Beauty Fridays’ (if you have a better name please let me know!) As for today I am doing a little cheeky haul that shouldn’t of happened but here we are.


Ive needed some new skin care products for a while, my skin has been freaking out and there are only a few products that I find don’t break me out or dry up my skin completely. I have done some research on dry and sensitive skin and hopefully these products don’t hurt my skin which I have been trying to get in better condition.



Chi Chi – Fabulous & Flawless Foundation
Shade 2 Fair Skin With Pink Undertones.

Now I was going to buy the L’Oreal Lumi True Match foundation  but the colours were way too orangey and it didn’t feel as moisturising as I had hoped. I did a little bit of wondering and found this beauty, the colour range is amazing it has about 25 colours from memory. it has all the undertone information which I thought was great normally I have to guess which foundation has which colour correcting.
It has vitamins A, E & B5 which cant be bad for your skin. I tested it and it felt super mastering and medium to full coverage which I am super pumped for!

Urban Decay – All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray 30ml

This was an accident. I didn’t have any intention to buy this at all, but Mecca have this devil stands with minis in them when you’re waiting to pay and god damn! I did have a ultra mini one of these and adored it and I do not want to pay $49 for something that I won’t use every day. The 30ml will last me quite a while so even though its not great value I can justify it in my head!

Skin Care 


Origins – Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask 100ml.

This was something that I actually wanted to buy. I have heard nothing but amazing things about this, one of my friends who is a beauty blogger link here, has been recommending it on her site. It is supposed to be amazingly moisturising which is what I need for my dry and patchy skin! You are supposed to use it 2-3 times a week but so many people use this as a night cream, so I will try that first and if it messes up my skin then I will cry because look at that price!

Mario Badescu – Drying Lotion 29ml

The other product I was supposed to buy! I have been breaking out quite a lot on my chin recently and I just don’t have a spot cream at all. Again I did some research and this is one of the most recommend and affordable brands that I found. Pretty much you pop it on a spot at night and it drys up your spots to a very small manageable spot. People swear by this tiny bottle of magic, even though it smells horrible I have been dying to give it a shot!

Mario Badescu – Enzyme Cleansing Gel 236ml

When I was talking to one of the ladies about my skin problems, she suggested because I have such sensitive skin instead of using an exfoliator with beads I should use a chemical exfoliator. She mentioned this one because their products are made for sensitive and acne prone skin, and she mentioned how all the money goes on the ingredients and not the packaging which is why its so cheap!

Makeup Tools

Chi Chi – Beauty Blender

I know this isn’t a real beauty blender but boy do I love these and they don’t cost upwards of $20 which is crazy for a glorified makeup sponge! There are four different types I tend to go for the hourglass shape just because it is great for blending makeup! Nothing special just ended up needing one!

So that is all I bought beauty wise today. I don’t know how many hauls I will do just because this week is the only week I had some money to spend on beauty products like this. But I do have a whole bunch of other Beauty Fridays planed so I hope you are excited for that!

So until next friday

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Chelsie xxx


15 thoughts on “Beauty Fridays: Mecca & Target Beauty Haul

  1. The Origins mask is one of my favorite beauty products! I hope it works for you because it does wonder for mine and I genuinely love it. (And so you don’t have to cry 😜)


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