One Book TBR

Last months reading was appalling. I read three graphic novels, that it.

I’ve been in a strange up and down slump for the past few months now and I can’t finish TBR lists or read the books I am dying to read. I can’t shake it.

For this month I have one book I am planning on reading this month.

Game Of Thrones by George.R.R.Martin  


I know what you’re thinking ‘If you are in a slump why start reading a massive high fantasy book series?’. To be honest it probably isn’t a wise choice but I just went ‘Screw it’. Plus, I have finally caught up with the show and I am in love with it so I have decided to fall in love with the book series as well.

Until the next time I read a book

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Chelsie xxx


5 thoughts on “One Book TBR

  1. Sometimes focusing on just one book might just be the best way to get out of a slump… I hope you’ll enjoy A Game Of Thrones! The first book is still my favorite so far. (I have been meaning to read the fifth book for ages myself, but they are so huge that I keep posponing it haha)


    • Thats what I am thinking. I am reading but not enough to finishing a book! I am about 350 pages into it and i am enjoying more than i did the first time I tried to read it. Omg don’t even remind me that they keep getting bigger!

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  2. I hope you manage to get out of your slump! I was in one for so long and am still trying to shake it a little bit to be honest but I’m getting there! I tried reading Game of Thrones because I love the tv show so much but couldn’t quite get through it, I think I got about 88% through it when I gave up, so I did quite well but it was just a little too descriptive for me! I love your book photo by the way, it’s gorgeous!

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    • Thank you! I always seem to go through a massive slump this time of year! I hope to get out of yours they are the worst! They make me feel so down! Yeah I tried a few years ago and felt the same way, the writing for me was way to intense. Now though I am enjoying it way more so I am hoping second times the charm! Thank you, it wasn’t raining for once and so the camera came out!

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      • Thank you! I’m getting there with it so I’m hoping I can at least keep up the pace I’ve set for myself even if I can’t pick it up any more!
        I might have to give it another try later this year then, there was just way too much description for me before but now I’m reading more I may enjoy more than I thought!
        Haha I know the feeling! I love taking pictures outdoors so I’m hoping the weather is nice this summer and I’m able to get some good shots!

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