Bi-Monthly Wrap Up & Mini Reviews


March was a really good reading month for me, I read a lot longer novels and all of them were either a four or five star rating which I am so happy about! I had a tad of a slump in April which is why I read so many damn Graphic Novels! Its annoying because I read one of the books on my April TBR pile and even though I am on track of my reading goal I wish I could stick to my pile!

Anyway lets get started with this wrap-up!

1. City of Glass by Cassandra Clare 

This book is probably the best one so far in the series. The writing took a huge leap and it really improved the reading experience. The book took a very different turn from the previous books, the setting changed which was a breath of fresh air, the story wasn’t just being told from Clary or Jace most of the time, in fact they both didn’t annoy me as much as they had been in past books, character development! It was great to see every character show some development in some way. Still a quick read which was great, the war was a great setting to have and the book show cased some real issues.

Finished 2/3/16

I gave this 4/5

2. The G
rownup by Gillian Flynn.

I adored Gone Girl, one of my favourite books in 2015 so when I saw this tiny short story sitting in my book store, how could I say no? I found the main character really unlikable which worked so well for the story, the creepy factor was there, and I found it to be quite believable. The ending was so open ended but again I found that it worked really well. Gillian Flynn’s writing will forever astound.

Finished 2/3/16

I gave this 4/5

3. Young Avengers Vol 1: Style > Substance by Gillen & McKelvie. 

This comic was my second venture into traditional comic books, not just graphic novels. The thing that drew me to this one was the art style. It is so magical and whimsical but so well thought out. It was beautiful and the way they set out some of the pages was refreshing and amazing. The story line was great and even though sometime information hits you in the face, it is vert rare and you catch on to everything happening in this universe. I liked this bind-up so much that I have already ordered the second one!
Finished 3/3/16

I gave this 5/5

5. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff. 

I had such preconceived thoughts about this book, by that I mean I knew nothing about this book, not a single thing. However it was so hyped on booktube and social media, and because of that hype I had such little interest in reading it. I know I’m a moron! This was such a unique, magical, heartbreaking thrill ride of a book. It hit so many marks for me. It was set in space, the format was completely different from what I have read before and it works, the characters were believable and the plot was too. I am so glad I picked this book up. I am so hyped for the next one!

Finished 22/3/16

I gave this 5/5

6. The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre.


Holy mother of god this book was brilliant. I finished this in a day, considering my reading slump at the moment it was such a good book to pick up and just fly through it. The story follows a girl who has extreme bloodlust but she knows that murder is wrong and therefore she locks herself away in apartment 6E. She survives by doing cam sex shows online. It’s only when she suspects one of her clients is the person behind a horrible crime. This book is graphic, if you don’t want to hear about her talking about her bloodlust or her cam shows, both in which are very detailed and could turn off some readers. Just a warning. But if you are like me and that kind of stuff doesn’t phase you or you have been on the internet for a long time and you are kind of desensitised and you want to read a really good thriller then I would 100% recommend this book to you!

Finished 24/3/16

I gave this 5/5

7. Young Avengers Vol 2: Alternative Cultures by Gillen, McKelvie & Brown.

I am so upset that this is a 15 issue run! I have one more volume then I am done with this one and I don’t want to be! The story line is great, tad confusing but still fantastic, we get new characters and they are so interesting, the art style still blows my mind. Its my favourite thing.

Its slightly all over the place but it works so well! I can’t wait until the final volume!

Finished 4/4/16

I gave this 5/5

8. Me before you

Now I cried watching the trailer of this movie, I got emotional. I was expecting this book to cause so many tears yet I got nothing from the ending. Now I really enjoyed the book but it didn’t help knowing the ending of the story which is probably why I didn’t get too emotional. The characters where really well thought out and you could connect to them in different ways. Not sure if I will read the second book. We shall just have to see!

Finished 5/4/16

I gave this 4/5

9. The Fox and The Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith. 

I am not sure if I would call this a poem, or a fable or a short story. Pretty much is it a very short, fairy tale style story. The story is very simple while having a lovely message at the end, but what makes this story magical is the artwork. The artist uses the colours; black, blue, white and orange and it just works to see such muted colours next to the bright orange. The artwork makes this book perfect and has a hit of magic to it. I would highly recommend the read.

Finished 6/4/16

I gave this 4.5/5

10. BatGirl Vol 1: BatGirl of Burnside by C. Stewart, B. Fletcher, B. Tarr & M. Wicks. 

This is my first ever DC comic book read ever! This volume felt like 3 volumes in one. It is quite dense, I am not sure how many issues are in here but it is definitely more than the usual 5 issues I’m used to. So much went down, this was the first time I ever took a break from a graphic novel just because there is so much origin story you go through but as well there are like 3 or 4 villains and some of them aren’t explained at all. I did enjoy the plot once it did sink in and the characters where really interesting and fleshed out as much as you can. Also her costume is pretty sweet!

Finished 8/4/16

I gave this 3.5/5

11. Ms. Marvel Vol 2: Generation Why by Wilson, Alphona & Wyatt.

I am so glad I have continued with this series! I knew I was going to but for some reason I never picked it up this volume. The plot in this volume gets a lot less origin and more action driven. I loved the scenes she has with other super heroes and lockjaw is now one of my favourite character. Even though it is quick action driven you do still see a lot of character development and it wonderful to learn more about her character!

Finished 20/4/16

I gave this 4.5/5

12. Young Avengers Vol 3: Mic Drop at the Edge of Time and Space by Gillen & McKelvie.

Excuse me while I cry so many tears about this run ending. This has to be my favourite traditional comic book that I have read. Marvel did such a great job with this run and I would continue to read about this band of misfits forever. It was a perfect ending to this 15 issue run and I will urge everyone to read it!

Finished 20/4/16

I gave this 5/5

13. Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit. 

This is a collection of nine essays focused on feminism. Don’t let the scare you off because this books is brilliant. I loved the way she executes her writing and her view points. Even though I don’t agree with every thing she says, she does shed new light on topics I thought I knew about. My favour essays include: Men Explain Things to Me, In Praise of the Threat: What Marriage Equality Really Means, & #YesAllWomen: Feminists Rewrite the Story.

Finished 25/4/16

I gave this 4/5

So again I have read quite a few graphic novels and I have three more that have arrived today, I will try and space them out and try not and binge them but no promises! I am just hoping this month I can stick to my TBR, which will be out pretty soon!

Until the next time I read a book

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