The dreaded book slump

Hello loves!


For the past week or so I have hit a slump in my reading and I am so frustrated about it. I am in the middle of some of my favourite books and for some reason I can’t seem to get back to reading them and I have no idea why!

I know this happens to a lot of us all the time and I really don’t want myself to fall into a 2 month slump like I did last year! So I am going to give you some ways to dig yourself out of a reading slump.

1. Take a break

Yes I know this is what you doing anyway but don’t try and force yourself back into reading, that con often make it so much worse. Take a few days off not thinking about the books you’re reading and do something different in your normal reading time!

2. Read a Graphic Novel

Processed with Rookie Cam

I have a whole blog post on some graphic novel recommendations if you are stuck on where to began, linked here! Honestly this such a good and easy way to pick yourself up and began reading again. Ive done this so many times before and it has worked a treat! If it  only worked this time around for me!

3. Choose a new genre

If you have been binging a series or a particular book genre and the slump has hit, pick up something else completely. Instead of YA fantasy pick up an adult contemporary, instead of that love story pick up a thriller. Now I do understand that people have different tastes in genres but its always good to dip your toes into a new genre and hey you might find something new you haven’t read before.

4. Reread a favourite book.

Now my classic go to is Harry Potter and this year I am doing the illustrated edition reread just in time for the second edition. But pick up you’re favourite book and remember why it is your favourite and hopefully it can help kickstart your reading again!

5. Listen to an audiobookc1a7a-img_7741

This is next on my list to do because it doesn’t really feel like reading and i especially love doing this while having a relaxing bath! Bring out all that Lush goodness and listen to some one read you a book! Plus Audible is free for any first timers!

6. Don’t buy any more books

This might make you happy for a few moments but when you realise that you have added another book on to a pile that currently isn’t moving , well its not a good feeling! I know we all love book shopping but unless its something you are going to read that minutes I would avoid bookshops!

7. Ride the wave

Similar to my first one, but just ride the book slump out. Don’t force yourself to read it can just make it worse and you don’t want to resent finishing a really good book just because you didn’t want to read it then and there!

IMG_35268. Short stories

Short stories can do wonders to kick start the reading bug again, small enough to read in one sitting but have enough plot to make you want to pick another book up! I would highly getting a collection of short stories to sit on your shelf so you can pick and choose when you want to read them! Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman is fantastic!

9. Fan fiction

If you have never read fan fiction  before (I high doubt) then it is about time you get stuck in. Its wonderful for those who are broken hearted after the end of a series and just want to read more of those characters and trust me there is something for everyone! Just don’t get stuck into just reading it as it can be addictive!

And thats my tips and tricks for pulling yourself out of a slump and back into reading.

Do you you have any tried and tested tips to share, let me know in the comments below because I am stuck in a slump!

Until the next time I read a book

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Chelsie xxx


9 thoughts on “The dreaded book slump

  1. Great tips. I have found myself in a slump a couple of time and what worked for me is changing the genre. I guess most of my slumps have been caused by struggling through ‘uninteresting’ books trying to move forward but they always pass when I make a change.

    Thanks for the tips and I hope that your slump will pass soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh man, reading slumps are the worst. I’m lucky enough that my reading slumps usually don’t last for more than a week or so. I love your idea of picking up a new genre or graphic novel to shake things up, but I also agree that sometimes the best medicine is time. I hope your slump ends soon!


  3. Great tips! Slumps can be so discouraging and I’m left to wonder if I’m losing it. Especially when you KNOW you love a book and yet can’t seem to stay focused enough to finish at that point in time. Thanks for sharing these tips Chelsie 🙂


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