Book buying ban.

Hello possums,


Something that I thought I would never say is that I have too many books. Seriously, I have too many books sitting on my TBR pile, I feel like most of you can relate. Let me paint a picture for you, when I get paid on a Tuesday afternoon the first thing I will do (after paying my bills because I am somewhat a responsible adult) I will go to and order 2-3 books, depending on the price, as well as that I will normally go into a book store on a Wednesday after I have done the weekly food shop and buy two more books.

This can add up to 5-8 books a week, I don’t read 5-8 books a week. My TBR pile is so overwhelming. A trip to Target for a saucepan can turn into me buying 3 more books because they are so reasonably priced.
I have too many books that I haven’t finished and too many books I haven’t started and I really want to read them but I keep buying more and more books and I’m getting further and further away.

Hence the book buying ban. This is so going t help my wallet and my TBR pile, which is now just a full bookcase of unread books.

I am doing this book ban until the end of May. Thats almost 7 weeks of not buying books. A long time.


I have two conditions.

  1. There are two books I am desperately trying to get my hands one: Outlander and The long way to the small angry planet. So I am allowing to buy myself those books in this ban.
  2. I am allowing myself to continue to buy graphic novels. This is because they help me with my reading goals quite a lot and they never stay on my TBR pile for more than 25 minutes. Also they can bring me out of a reading slump like that!

What I want to know from you is: Do book buying bans help or hinder? Did it work for you or have you never done one because you have zero self control in a book store.

So thank you Madeline @enchantedgeekeryย for the blog post idea! Totes didn’t steal it or anything!

Until the next time I read a book

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Chelsie xxx


28 thoughts on “Book buying ban.

  1. I’m currently on a book ban myself. It’s going very well and am getting through my 2016 TBR. Unfortunately, I haven’t gone to a bookstore like I used to every week because I might cave and break my promise.

    I only committed to April, but I hope to learn from it and limit myself to one book a week lol.


    • Wow its good to hear that it works for people. I do adore bookstores but I think my biggest one is online. Its like its pretend money!! Haha good luck, I feel like I might come out of the ban and buy 25 books in a row! I do think buying graphic novels will help me out a bit!


  2. I went on a book buying ban for about a year, but that was mainly because of money reasons. I didn’t make a big dent in my TBR because I was also in a reading slump at the same time! But it has meant that I evaluate the books I buy more carefully. I’ve found that doing the ban means that I don’t just buy any book that looks slightly decent now, instead I look at goodreads for reviews and stuff first to make sure it’s worth the investment which has helped my bank account a lot!


    • That was me circa 2014. Not buying as many books and i was in a major reading slump. Yeah I tend to scan all the books I plan to buy and read reviews or when I am looking at reviews I will screenshot them so I know I want to order them later. I don’t just buy book willy nilly any more. But I still find I want to explore different books and so I still buy so many!

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      • Starting my blog has definitely increased my TBR shelf! Seeing everyones amazing reviews of so many different books has made me buy so many more than I would have if I’d have lifted my ban and not had my blog. My book shelves have grown so much in the past couple of months, so it hasn’t worked 100% but that’s because I’m seeing so many more reviews now for books I wouldn’t have looked at before!


      • I’m glad I’m discovering new books because of the blogosphere, making this blog has opened me up to so many new genres, and helped me discover what books I’m really into and what I’m not as keen on any more ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I got so many books recently that I’ve put myself on a book buying ban for April. They normally don’t work for me because I have no self control, but we’re about two weeks in and so far, so good. Though I know I’ll probably break it at the end of April because new books are coming out that I really want haha! Good luck with yours!


    • I feel like that is the general feeling at the moment! I have too many books and not enough time to read them! Oh wow you go gurl! Well i reckon you could hold out until May! I think I will just end up buying a million books after my ban ends! Thank you and good luck to you!

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  4. I was on a book-buying ban during the first two months, and I have to say it did work — I didn’t purchase one novel and I did get to novels that I’ve had for a while. Don’t get me wrong, it was extremely challenging, but once those two months were over and I got to give myself a treat, it was a great feeling. Good luck with your ban! I’ll be rooting for you! ๐Ÿ˜€

    -Jess @jbelkbooks


  5. Haha, I am so glad that I managed to inspire somebody else — even if it is with the dreaded book buying ban! I wish you all the best, hun ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. I have been on somewhat of a ban since last Christmas. Every now and then since then I’ve bought one or two books and actually today my ban ended and I bought five books. I’ve found bans can be helpful…but sometimes I think we need to clean out the TBR bc some of the books you might not just not have any interest in reading anymore.


  7. I am trying a self-imposed buying book ban. So far I have managed to stay away from my book vendors for the whole of April(all 14 days lol). However, I can only manage to do that by avoiding the streets where the vendors are located. Its a struggle:-) Best of lack to you. Stay strong ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. I want an extrodinary amount of time without buying books recently and I was able to go through some of the TBR pile I already had. I definitely need to rejoin the book ban because recently I’ve been over buying books as well.


    • Yeah that’s the goal. Be able
      To dwindle down the books I have on my TBR. Although I am in a slump right as of now and it sucks!

      I feel like I might just go out and buy ten books at the end of the ban and be back in the same boat as I am in now!


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