Monthly Favourites


Ello Ello!

So I have decided to do a somewhat of favourites post for you. I have a collection of movies, Tv shows and music to share with you this month!

Movies – and two very different ones at that!


cvkqtaoukaagbhsYeah I know this came out in February but I did watch it in the month of March so I am counting this one!

So if you are one of maybe 12 people who haven’t seen or heard anything about this movie let me educate you.
The movie is full of blood, guts, gore, crude jokes and surprisingly a love story that I could actually believe and get with. If that isn’t for you, thats fine but boy do I love with stuff. I felt like the feel of it really felt like a dead pool comic, the one-liners, breaking the fourth wall perfectly  the sheer  IDGAF of the entire movie. I cannot wait until we get a second movie to move past the origin story line and focus on some ridiculous plot line!

4.5 stars!


zootopia-movie-posterI haven’t seen any reviews for this movie yet but I did enjoy it, true it isn’t my favourite disney movie ever but was really good.

The entire plot line is breaking and challenging stereotypes which I think is so great in a kids movie. There has never been a bunny cop and there never will be, foxes are very sly and don’t get served in parts of town, predators are nothing but that predators, prey are weak and will won’t succumb to anything more than that. There are so many more and it was so good to see a children’s movie tackling such topics.
Don’t worry there is jokes and humour for adult you just have to listen out for it.

4 stars!

TV shows 

The 100

I have recently gotten back into this after leaving it mid season 2 because I am terrible at keep up week to week with shows. I prefer to binge a season in a few days. Healthy I know.
This show pretty much follows the 100 criminal children that are sent back down to earth to see if the earth is liveable again after mass radiation outbreaks 4 generations ago.
The cast of this show is very diverse and well written so far. The plot currently has many different themes ranging from LGBT to children at war, race, class and how savage people can be.I am enjoying it, it has is issues but I will continue watching the 3rd season!
4 stars.



shadowhunters-tv-show-poster-1448056730So I started watching this show, as well as reading the books, for a joke. Now I am up to book four and I am currently up to date with the TV show. I have no idea how this happened.

Now the writing is good, the acting is on and off depending with who you are watching, the main to characters are so annoying and have zero chemistry (both the book and the show),  we go up with quality in one episode then the next we have hit a new low. So why am I watching this train wreck? I really enjoy the side characters, Alec is my favourite character, followed my Magnus and Izzy. Simon I could go either way depending on the episode. I want to know what is happening with these characters, I couldn’t care less where Clary and Jace go to be quite frank.

3.5 stars and only because episode 12 almost killed me!

Game of Thrones 

got_s5_-_poster-0I need to catch up before season 6 starts. I am in the middle of season 5 so I am going strong. Everyone and their mother watches or knows about this show so I won’t go on. Pretty much death, dragons, boobs, death, blood, boobs, guts, anger, stab stab stab, boobs.

What else do you need to know?

4.5 stars




I haven’t really been in one sound of music this month, it is really all over the place. Which I can get down with, something for every mood.

I do want to listen to the rest of the new 1975 album because I hear nothing but amazing things.

Until the next time I read a book or watch or listen to something!

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Chelsie xxx


14 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites

  1. Zootopia’s trailer is freaking the crap out of me. But I’m going to watch it because….bunnies. And 100 too. I’ve been hearing it around but haven’t watched it yet. But if it’s in a favourites list…sign me up.


  2. I feel exactly the way you do about Shadowhunters! I don’t really care about Clary and Jace, but Alec and Magnus, and Izzy — YES. Also I keep wishing Alec’s name was Jace instead, because Magnus + Jace would be Mace. And that would be pretty awesome.
    I really need to watch Deadpool! I’ve heard so many amazing things!
    This was a fun post, thanks for sharing your faves!


    • I feel like that during the books as well. Like no give me the entire series told from anyone but Jace and Clary. Haha I am now too attached to Malec now!
      How haven’t you watched it yet! Off you tot , go watch it! No problem, thanks for your input!


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