25 Bookish Facts.


So i’ve been gone since forever.

Whoops, wasn’t my intention but I moved house and some unpleasant things happened and so this got left alone a tad. Oh well.

So to introduce myself to the bookish community once again, I am going to do the 25 Bookish Facts.

Inspired by all of book land and my friend Ally Dewing!

1. I can read multiple books at once, in fact I can leave books for years and pick them right back up and still remember where I am. 


2. I buy books to make myself feel better, this is why I have gotten so many in the past couple of months!

3. I will only reread certain old favourite: Harry Potter because I want to receive the magic all the time. Although I fear the magic might be lost if I read them too much. 

4. I used to reread books all the time but with my ever growing TBR pile I just feel guilty!


My growing TBR bookcase!

5. Before I got my new bookshelf I had piled 90+ books onto one shelf on my bookcase until I had to start piling them around my room. 

6. My bookshelf has become my desk. My make up is on it, old coffee mugs, pictures, pens, a mirror, everything and everything is on them.

7. My favourite book in 2015 was The Martian, also the movie was pretty spectacular!

8.  I don’t hate books turning into movies, I feel like it can turn people onto reading and also seeing my favourite characters on screen is an awesome feeling.

9. I feel like books tuning into movies is like people writing their own versions of the story. I appreciate the writing and time that went into it making it their own. I think of it more as an interpretation not a exact copy. 

10. I have a serious problem where I will read 70 pages of a book and then stop. No matter how much I am enjoying and loving a book, I will just put it down and I will have to force myself to pick it up again. So frustrating.

Processed with Rookie Cam

A prime example of my 70 page slump!

11. I have no desire to ever own a kindle. I hardly read while travelling and I adore my books in physical form. Even though there are so many benefits I just can’t do it!

12. Even though hardbacks are beautiful, I find the, so difficult to read, I am so scared I will damage them! All I need in my life are floppy paperbacks!

13. I really hate how I don’t dive into other genres. One of my goals this year is to read things I would never of thought to of read before!

14. I am still surprised when I really fall in love with a YA book. There is something about getting into a younger mindset and just reading the cringe and the awkward and actually enjoy myself instead of being all cynical about it. Im looking at you The Mortal Instruments.

16. Graphic novels and comics are very quickly becoming one of my favourite books to read. I can’t get enough!


Second Favourite series by far!

17. I have about 20+ classics on my TBR pile and every time I try and read one I get so bored or get sidetracked!

18. I have started to read pride and prejudice 4 times, gotten half way through and given up! Send help.

19. Every Tuesday night when I get paid I will go on TBD and order two books. No wonder my TBR pile is so big! Again send help.

20. I can’t eat nor drink while reading, unless its water, there is no tea, no snacks. No nothing. 

21. I am so happy I started Book blogging and instagram. I feel like I talk more about books than I ever would!

22. My dream career is work in the field of publishing. No clue where about but thatsall I want to do.

23. I used to think I wanted to write a book, but now I feel like I just couldn’t do it without ripping someone else’s work off.


My reading buddies!

24. I can read anywhere, on my bed, on the floor, at work, under a pile a blankets, curled up with one of my dogs. As long as I’m immersed I’m fine.


25. I wish I could read faster. Its just one of those things, I’m not slow but I feel like I could stop getting distracted more!




Holy hell, I did not realise how many 25 facts was!

Well I hope that gives you a little more insight about me and my bookish ways. Do you also have some of the book habits? Lets talk about them in the comments!

Until the next time I read a book

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Chelsie xxx



5 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts.

  1. Your bookshelves look lovely by the way!
    And I have yet to read the Martian which is weird as I’ve had it for at least couple of months now and I keep seeing how great it is!
    Classics are boring at the start for me, but after getting like mid way through I am completely immersed in that time period.


    • Thank you, Im still fiddling with the layout of that one! I really enjoyed the Audiobook, even though it was like 14 hours it just made the entire experience 10 times better! Yeah I need to read more classics, I want to be cultured god damnit!!

      Liked by 1 person

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