February Playlist


Hello there!

I am currently right now without internet until Friday! So past me decided to write up a little blog post for you, thank you past me! 

I haven’t really done this before but I thought I might show you what I have been listening to in the month of February!

L0ok I even figured out how to put a playlist here!


I have really gotten into Vampire Weekend this month, their entire album is so cheery and for some reason it reminds of the beach boys!

Also listened to Twenty One Pilots’ Burryface once again, over and over again while crying, because I found out that their show in Perth was on my Mum’s birthday. Not over that!

At the moment for March I am listening to the second album for Vampire Weekend, Alabama Shakes and The 1975. All amazing and I am so annoyed I haven’t listened to them earlier!

Until the next time I read a book (or listen to a album)

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Chelsie xxx




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