In my last post, January Favourites, I was going to add another favourite but when I wrote about the whole thing, it added another 3 pages! Whoops! So here is my other January favourite.


So for 11 days I went traveling to Malaysia, more specifically, Kuala Lumpur. As my brother and I are getting older, this will probably be the last family holiday for a while, so my parents were making the most of it.

The whole atmosphere from the hotel to the shopping malls, to the Batu Caves was very welcoming and sincerely very nice and polite. Except for the people who stared at me a little bit, but that would be my fault for wearing shorts in a slightly conservative country, plus I’m very white, like practically translucent.



Far too fancy for me!


We stayed in the most wonderful hotel, far too fancy and sophisticated for the likes of me! I mean there was a giant chandelier in the middle of the lobby and I am one for wearing sweat pants around the place. Even then, the employees were still wonderful and polite with no judgement which I liked best. Plus, as it wasn’t tourist season it was pretty empty.


This right here!

The service there was one of the best parts, everyone was so happy to see you and the staff around the pool remembered our regular orders almost immediately, and they were all very sweet. I think the pool service might be better than the pool itself!



There are so many places to see in KL, unfortunately we didn’t get all of them in as we wanted down days as well, it is a holiday after all. But I think one of the first things we did was go to the “Pavilion” which is this 7 story shopping centre. I don’t recall how much money I spent in that place, it was massive and had everything you would ever need in there. From designer brands to small boutiques to a whole Japanese tech level. I didn’t know where to start first!


Perth needs to step up their game!

We had so many options, I have never been in a Sephora before, but my goodness I fell in love! I found so many American brands and stores that I knew I could spend all day in, unfortunately I went with my brother and father so they didn’t not want to spend 2 hours in forever 21!

Notable shopping centres also include: KLCC & KL Kentral.




I had to practically lay on the ground for this photo


Petronas Towers

That night we had to go to the Petronas towers, this beautiful sight that towers over KL, and I had a wonderful view from my bedroom window! At the base of the two towers is the KLCC shopping centre, formally mentioned, and even thou we didn’t climb it that night it was still wonderful to see it all lit up.



That was a fraction of the amount of people there! 

Batu Caves

Now this one was an interesting experience, the day that we went seemed to be a religious day of such, as I think there was about 10 thousand people there. It was very overwhelming and the time there was mostly being spent being pushed around against other people and being very confused.

The caves themselves were very beautiful and the 200 steps to climb weren’t that bad, plus the stunning gold statue stands so boldly.

I would have loved to explored more with a little less people pushing and shoving, and the heat was scorching that day! But that was our fault by not putting a tad more investment in researching the place first!

But hey, my Dad made some new friends on the train ride home who told us all these amazing stories!


We went here on Australia day, so I felt like we did them proud!

Theme parks

There was one thing my brother wanted to do on this trip: Go to a theme park! He did not shut up for the 5 months we were planning this trip about choosing which one we would be going to. We chose the one 35 minutes away, not the 2 hours drive!

Sunway Lagoon, I would highly recommend it if you go when we went, it the down season when there aren’t any tourists and only the few locals that have annual passes! Now the price of this for an adult entry was $50 which is crazy cheap! Normally it cost $130 at our small park in Perth so I was ecstatic!

There were less rides than I expected but I think I enjoyed all the ones we went on, except the pirate ship, which I normally love but I have never seen a pirate ship ride go ALL THE WAY AROUND! No wonder why we had seatbelts, head brace and an arm brace. Holy crap I think I shat my pants!

But it was mainly the water park we loved and it was all fun and games, except for the few times I almost lost my contact lenses in this crazy ride, I think we went on this one 5 times!

Dad’s Birthday!


Pops and I

While we were over there it was my dad’s birthday, and this man is obsessed with fish, nto fishing but like just fish.


I’m not sure if it was weird but we went to the Aquarium and it was one of the most relaxing places I have ever been. Just watching fish swim around and do what they do best is just so calming.


My favourites have to been the giant sharks who I will always fear, the sting-rays, these awesome jelly fish pictures my mum took and this guy!


Honestly my favourite photo of the day!

For the night we were told about there being a restaurant in the communications tower, which revolves! Yes, you heard correctly, it spins around. Slowly I assure you but the view is spectacular, and the food was to die for! I had one of each of the desserts on offer! Hey I was holiday, nothing counts on holiday!


Also we looked hella cute that night 🙂


Lake Gardens


We legit just stumbled into this waterfall

There isn’t much to say about the Lake gardens other than it was really green and beautiful and their hidden waterfalls everywhere. Like this one that I took a photo of!

The walk there took me and my mother an hour since we had only google maps to show us the way and some helpful police men!

Plus, I got my first injury there by slipping over in muddy water and cutting open my hand, its still healing!


Going up the Petronas Towers


This was the tower opposite, on the 86th floor.

The last thing we got to do was go up the Petronas Towers which was beautiful. The first stop was the bridge connecting the towers together and the view was spectacular, there are some very pretty banks!

The second stop was 86 floors above the ground! 86 FLOORS! It was crazy high! There was an entire observation deck to view everything around KL, and a to scale platform that had all the tourist spots that could find.


Sorry Mum & I took so many selfies this trip!

The whole experience was very beautiful and overwhelming, in a good way of course. Being that high up really makes you seem small in comparison.


Kuala Lumpur is a wonderful place to travel to, I absolutely enjoyed my time spent there. There where so many small adventures to go on and places to experience. It has been a while since I have been to a non-western country and I really loved the mixing pot of cultures I got to witness, and ambiance of the whole country.

Plus, this pool was killer!


I am so many selfies!

Until the next time I read a book

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