Hello lovely,

Today’s post is all about the books that I am super excited for in 2016, after some extensive research (google) I have found some really great books
that come out throughout this year. Let get started!

1. The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney 
This debut novel looks and sounds fantastic. you follow a family of adult siblings as they seek out the fate of their inheritance. This seems interesting as hell and I can’t wait for this come out. Also the cover is stunning!

Expected publication 22nd March 2016


2. Hystopia by David Means 

In this debut novel, John F. Kennedy has not be assassinated, in fact he is running his third term. A veteran is writing a novel about the horror of war through a drug hazed mind. And that all I know about it, but this book is drawing me in, not sure why but I am desperate to read it.

Expected publication 19th April 2016


3. The girl from everywhere by Heidi Heilig 

A book about a time travelling pirate ship? Im in. Pretty much in this story a girl time travels in her fathers pirate ship, as long as they have the map they are all set, but when her father gambles with her life everything goes a bit tits up. I know this is YA and sounds cheesy but I love that the main character is a person of colour being from Hawaii and who doesn’t love a bit of cheese!

Expected publication: 16th February 2016

4. The love that split the world by Emily Henry 

What, another time travel book, why don’t you just read Passenger? Because I have heard its a pile of dog crap and I have no time with that! This book however has nothing but raving reviews, and its sounds cute as well. A girl who is jumping between timelines (guessing) and then has to save a boy who of course she will fall in love with but hey, cheese never hurt no one! I know contemporary has not been my thing of the late but I might go back for one more bite!

Expected publication 26th January 2016

5. The way I Used to Be by Amber Smith


This book might break me. A story following a girl over four years after one of her friends sexually abuses her. I am hoping this will be raw and honest and show the younger generation what this is like and I think this is very important as many books will not touch this topic in such a way. I am so ready for this book to be available to me and everyone else who needs it.

Expected publication 22nd March 2016

6. 13 ways of looking at a fat girl by Mona Awad 

This book entices me so much! This novel covers a subject so dearly to my heart and soul; body confidence and body shaming. I think its just an important story to tell and to see what it is like as the bigger girl being told ‘oh but you’re beautiful’ and ‘Guys love a bit of meat on their bones’ because its uncomfortable and really women don’t want that kind of validation. Anywho, I’m excited, I hope its great and i’ll be grabbing it asap!

Expected publication 23rd February 2016

7. Why we came to the city by Kristopher Jansma 

This book looks like a heartwarming story of five collage friends who are changing their ways and seeing themselves drift apart from the city, one another and their dreams they had in collage. This book seriously sounds like an 20 something adult midlife crisis. Which I can relate to so I really want to see where this book goes! Plus this cover is stunning!
Expected publication 16th February.

Until the next time I read a book

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