A.C.E 2016 Reading Challenge

Well hello there 2016 where the bloody hell did you come from? Seriously though, 2015 is over, am I dreaming? Never the less you are here and there is a new challenge in my sights.

About a month ago I got this lovely email from a girl by the name of Emily, asking if I would be interested in a blog collaboration of some sorts with another lovely lady who goes by the name of Ally. (All links below).

So pretty much in the past few weeks we have created the A.C.E 2016 Reading Challenge.


We have picked 10 books from categories which we might not of read before or have been putting off for a while (classics, adult, memoirs etc). There are so many on the list that I really want to read and others I have just heard of but books! So I am excited!

Pretty much we have our own time to read them but they are in a order, and then we will discuss them on our own blog/instagram/youtube as well as our goodreads page found here, feel free to join!  And of course the best part; you can read along with us and join in the discussions!

We have chosen the 10 books, but Ally is going to be filming a video on her youtube channel depicting the order of the books. Which you can find here!

So until I read another book!

Bye bye
Chelsie xoxo

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Twitter, Instagram, Blog, & Youtube

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