Now I am settled down for the night, I’ve gone for a run, I have a face mask on, I’m about to pop on Episode 2 of Star Wars and I am going to write all about where to begin with Graphic novels and which are my favourite so far.

Im very new to graphic novels, I only started reading them this year and I only grabbed it on a whim in a comic shop. I was being shown around by on of my good friends when out of the corner of my eye I see it, a graphic novel I knew about but didn’t know what it was about. So I bought it.
Who knew that buying Saga volume one was going to start me off on a full blown graphic novel binge.


Graphic novels are fantastic and if you haven’t picked one up yet then you should 100% give it a try. Most take roughly 30 minutes to read, the artwork can be amazing and the stories I’ve read are pretty unique and wonderful.  They do however have a tendency to be either slightly gruesome or somewhat graphic. It did shock me at first but it is one of the many reasons I love reading them.

So lets get started in my favourites.

SAGA by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples 


Saga has to be one of the most well know graphic novel series out there that people know of, it has won a few awards and I think every person who reads graphic novels has read this one!

This one is a love story set in space with a war between two planets that has been going on for as long as anyone can remember, plot twist: the couple are from the two planets and it makes some complications. They are now on the run seeking help from a whole selection of species. There is no good or bad which I really love only trying to do what they think is right or doing what they have to do to survive.

The main characters are great and so are the side characters. The story is fleshed out enough for you to understand but it also makes you hungry for more information with every bind up that comes out.

RAT QUEENS by Kurtis J. Wiehe & Roc Unchurch 


The only way I can describe this graphic novel is its like Buffy meets Lord of the rings meets Sex in the city on crack. If that doesn’t incite you even a little bit, the story is about four women; Betty, Dee, Hannah & Violet. These women of all different species are pretty much badass mercenaries who fight the bad guys for a fat bag of cash and frankly it is amazing!

I love every minute of this graphic novel and the second is has come out which is just as fantastic. The characters are hilarious and badass and the story line is crazy but it works really well.

SEX CRIMINALS by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky 


This graphic novel is one of the more ‘racy’ ones, if you couldn’t tell by the title. Pretty much the entire premise of the story is that when these two people have sex, they stop time. So of course they rob a bank.

The two main characters have a really interesting dynamic in the way they interact with each other and I really enjoyed the artwork with this one, it was beautiful. I am yet to grab the second volume but it is definitely on my list to buy next!

MS. MARVEL by G. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona 


Admittedly more of a comic bind up than a graphic novel but they all fit in the same category! Also despite being a massive marvel fan, this is my only marvel comic I own!

But was an amazing read, I loved every second of it. The story follows Kamala Khan, a muslim girl who loves the avengers and everything they do, especially Miss Marvel herself. After a few little hiccups she manages to find herself with very similar abilities as the aforementioned hero, and I just loved this story and I just can’t wait for the second volume!

Last by not least

NIMONA by Noelle Stevenson 


I love Noelle Stevenson so much, I loved her cover art for fangirl and Lumberjanes so when I found out she wrote and illustrated her own graphic novel, I had to have it!

Pretty much the story is about a girl who can shape shift into anything and she seeks out the super villain of this town to become his sidekick. A lot of things happen and as it turns out the bad guys and the good guys might be a off. The story is hilarious and wonderfully written it has heart and humour and I can’t recommend it more!

So thats that, if you have any Graphic Novel recommendations let me know I am always on the hunt for some more!

And until the next time I read a book

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-Chelsie xoxo




  1. I’ve been gradually getting into graphic novels so this post was helpful! I have Saga Volume 1 and Nimona, and have been eyeing up Rat Queens and Ms Marvel, so reckon I’ll give them a go 🙂


  2. I really want to grab Miss Marvel but I can’t get past the name. Kamala is not a Muslim name. On the contrary it’s a Hindu name (the name of a goddess) which makes it inaccurate and therefore (for my nit picky self) unreadable. I’ve heard great things about lumberjacks though. That’s next on my list. What mask did you have on BTW?


  3. Oooh I like the sound of that! I have on that you peal off and it smells like peaches (I think) and it’s the best to take off. Like pealing off glue on your fingers when you where a kid (please tell me I wasn’t the only one). Wow what a tangent!


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