Last time i tried to do this I failed horrendously, so why not try again in a busier time of the year!

So pretty much this is WhittyNovels creation where you read your shortest books or books you haven’t finished yet in order to help finish you goodreads goal. I have already finished my goal reading 52 out of 50 books!
But I really need to finish some books on my TBR shelf!

First on my list is East of West by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta

This is a graphic novel that i am shocked I have caved and read yet. From my knowledge it is a western but it also has aliens but I am not too sure. This is probably one that I will read when I am bored of everything else!

Next is Crown of midnight By Sarah J. Mass

This is quite a large book for this kind of readathon but luckily for me I have only 70 pages left, I just need to finish this one and I can’t tell you why I haven’t yet!

Thirdly Is Love letters to the dead By Ava Dellaira 

This book is written in letter so I highly anticipate this to be a quick and easy read but I have also heard that it is a really good book, so I am very excited!

Next is A little something different By Sandy Hall

I have already started this book but as I was reading it I thought that I should probably save it for this as it is a really quick read!

Next is Book of shadows By Cate Tierman 

I read this book a long time ago when I was quite younger but I remember the story and I do remover loving it but I have no clue if it going to live up to the hype that I have created! I think it is going to be super quick, its under 200 pages and the font is massive!

Lastly is Why not me By Mindy Kaling 

After listening to her last book I couldn’t not listen to this next one! 

So that is my TBR! I didn’t follow many of the challengers but really I want to knock these books off my shelf

Are you joining #CramAThon? 

Until the next time I read a book 

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